Dental Bone Graft in Tijuana Mexico

Dental Bone Graft in Tijuana Mexico

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    A dental bone graft (or bone augmentation) is a surgical procedure used to repair and rebuild diseased or damaged jawbone through the transplantation of bone tissue, which facilitates bone formation and promotes wound healing.

    This technique is often performed as part of another dental treatment, commonly done before dental implants so that the patient has a strong and healthy bone for them to be placed.

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    Dental Bone Graft Cost in Tijuana Mexico

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    When is a dental Bone Graft necessary?

    Bone grafting might be needed in any of these scenarios:

    1. Tooth loss. When a tooth is lost, the bone starts to wear out. If untreated for an extended period, it would deteriorate to the point where it couldn’t support a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. The same thing happens after tooth extraction: Once bone mass is gone, it cannot be reversed, which is why a bone graft may be needed.
    2. Periodontal disease. This condition, also known as “gum disease”, can cause the bone to disintegrate due to bacteria slowly eating away the jawbone and periodontal ligament, which can lead to tooth loss.
    3. Dental trauma. Bone loss can be caused by having injured teeth. This can be the result of teeth grinding (medically known as bruxism, a condition where you clench your teeth unconsciously) or teeth getting knocked out due to an accident or a fall.

    Where does the bone come from?

    The bone used in the procedure can come from:

    1. The patient’s body (Autografts). The chin, the back of the jaw, the hip, or from a leg.
    2. A deceased donor (Allografts). Extracted from a donor and sterilized for use.
    3. Animal source (Xenografts). Commonly from cows or pigs.
    4. Synthetic material (Alloplastic grafts). Ceramic, bioglass, or polymers, among others.

    How long do dental Bone Grafts take to heal?

    Recovery time can vary depending on the injury being treated and the size of the bone graft needed. As osseointegration evolves, healing can take anywhere from 4 to 9 months or longer, depending on the type of bone substitute used, the complexity of the grafting procedure, and the location of the transplant in the mouth (upper or lower jaw).