Why Get A Chin Liposuction At Tijuana?

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Do you try to hide your neck in photos or selfies because you don’t like your chin? If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry. Many people feel they need to be more satisfied with how their chin looks. As a result, more are looking to eliminate a double chin. Luckily for you, there is a solution to achieve the look you want!

Today we will explain what chin liposuction is, talk about why Tijuana is the best option for this procedure and answer some questions about chin lipo.

What Causes A Double Chin?

There may be things you can do to reduce that double chin appearance, but it depends on the cause, and if doing exercise certainly helps, chin liposuction is by far the best solution. Many factors are hard to control, such as genetics and anatomy. If your double chin results from any of the above, it can be hard to eliminate through conventional diets or nutrition counseling. Depending on what causes the extra fold in your chin, the surgical option may be the best to get rid of that fat for once.

What Is A Chin Liposuction?

When it comes to aging, the neck is one of the most noticeable areas, and fat is more likely to accumulate under the chin. This extra fat can affect the facial profile and the jaw. A maxillofacial specialist can perform and correct a double chin by surgery.

The most common surgery to get rid of a double chin is through liposuction; you probably know about or heard of this surgical procedure when it comes to eliminating fat from the stomach, and it is the same with your chin! Since it’s such a popular procedure, more people are looking for liposuction to get the desired results.

Why Visit Tijuana To Get A Chin Liposuction?

Here are some reasons to choose chin liposuction in our dental clinic in Tijuana, where our experienced maxillofacial surgeon will help you achieve great results.

  • A certified and friendly team of specialists. The doctors and specialists at The Dental District are certified professionals who graduated from top academic institutions. Tijuana is known for its hospitality to medical tourists, and our staff offers a warm, welcoming experience. 
  • Low prices (80% less compared to other clinics in the US). Not only you be happy by saving thousands of dollars! You will also have a safe experience that will make you feel like part of our family. 
  • World-class facilities equipped with world-class technology. Our advanced dental technology meets the most demanding international standards providing painless, non-invasive, and practical experiences in a comfortable environment. Our team of specialists is constantly innovating the equipment so our patients can receive high-quality care, just like in the US but with lower prices! 
  • Great location. We are located in the most important medical tower in Latin America, NewCiy Medical Plaza. This luxury complex is home to many clinics, restaurants, a hotel, and a hospital (among other incredible amenities), allowing patients to find everything they need in one place. The best part? We are just 5 minutes away from the San Ysidro border.

How Does A Chin Liposuction Work?

The chin liposuction works by inserting a cannula (a small tube) into all the chin areas. With a gentle suction, small amounts of fat are removed from each chin location; the results? You can achieve a smoother and great profile!

How Is The Chin Liposuction Procedure?

These are the steps for chin liposuction:

  1. The maxillofacial specialists will check your chin and neck and make markings with a special pen to see the areas where the cannulas will be inserted.
  2. The skin is cleansed with an antiseptic to reduce infection risk.
  3. The surgeon will administer medications for sedation or inject local anesthesia into the skin.
  4. Then, the specialist will make many incisions in the skin to introduce the liposuction cannula.
  5. In the next step, the surgeon will insert the cannula and make a back-and-forth movement to remove the excess fat. The maxillofacial will pay attention to how much fat is removed to ensure a smooth and improved facial appearance.
  6. In the end, bandaging is applied as necessary since it can vary with every patient. This commonly includes a specialized chin strap to support the skin while you are healing. 

Does Chin Liposuction Hurt?

Since it’s only about small incisions and local anesthesia is used, chin liposuction must be as painless as possible. You should not feel anything during the procedure, and any discomfort you feel after the procedure can be highly reduced with medication.

How Long Does It Take For Chin Liposuction To Heal?

After your procedure, you should expect some bruising and swelling for up two weeks. However, the swelling should go away each day, and any pain or discomfort you feel should be gone in a couple of days. It can depend on how much fat was removed. Many people have recovered quickly, from a few days to a week.

Can I Sleep Normally After A Chin Liposuction?

Our specialists recommend sleeping with your head on two pillows for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. Avoid turning your head side to side since it can cause discomfort and slow your recovery.

Can The Chin Fat Appear Again?

Chin lipo is meant to be long-lasting, with excellent results you can achieve and enjoy for years! This is one of the most prevalent concerns after having chin liposuction. We have good news about it when performing liposuction, the fat cells are entirely removed, so they can’t grow back. 

If you are currently searching for chin liposuction in Tijuana, The Dental District is the best option you can find. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! Our specialists are ready for your visit and will help you eliminate that double chin so you can feel at your best. Ask about the best services of our dentist in Tijuana such as invisible orthodontics in Tijuana, dental crowns in Tijuana, endodontics in Mexico, dental implants in Mexico and Teeth whitening in tijuana.

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