What your tongue reveals about your health

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The tongue is perhaps one of the most forgotten muscles in our body. When it comes to oral health, the first thing that may pop-up in your mind, is a set of teeth, as it’s the image that we most quickly relate to dentistry.


The reality is that maintaining good dental health goes way beyond having a pretty smile, and our tongue plays a significant role in this. According to its color and appearance, a tongue can indicate certain health conditions.

Although most of these tongue colors don’t mean anything harmful, you should visit the dentist in Tijuana if you are experiencing:

  • Soreness
  • Bleeding
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Pain
  • Abnormalities on the tongue’s surface

Aside from taste buds, a tongue has crevices, elevations, bumps, and all sorts of tiny structures where bacteria and food residues can buildup. That’s why it’s recommended to integrate a tongue scraper into your teeth cleaning tools.


The tongue allows us to taste, swallow, and speak – some of the most essential everyday functions of any human being – so let’s keep it clean and healthy!

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