What Is an Invisalign 3D Scanner and Its Benefits?

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If you have ever considered getting braces, you are familiar with Invisalign braces. The magic of the Invisalign treatment is the 3D scanner. But what is an Invisalign 3D scanner and its benefits?

What are Invisalign Braces?

 If you need to become more familiar with Invisalign braces, they are a set of clear braces and retainers. These high molecular weight, medical-grade braces are constructed of thermoplastic polymers that have been approved for long-term use in human mouths. Because they are transparent, they do not affect your appearance. Over seven million teenagers and adults are being treated with Invisalign braces!

Before you can be fitted with Invisalign braces, our dentist must scan your mouth with the Invisalign 3D scanner.

The iTero Invisalign Scanner

Invisalign has eliminated the need for teeth molds with squishy goop that makes you gag as they take mouth impressions in preparation for braces!

The Invisalign 3D scanner uses the latest iTero technology. The scanner is a hand-held wand our dentist will put in your mouth to scan the inside. The wand uses optical and laser technology that is safe and painless. The Invisalign 3D scanner uses scanning points and repositions itself as needed for a better image. These images can be seen in real-time on the monitor, so our dental experts can take a closer look at problem areas as they need to.

The scanner takes two to three minutes to provide our Invisalign experts with a 3D panoramic (360-degree) digital image of your mouth, gums, and teeth. The Invisalign scanner can take 6,000 impressions in one second, creating the perfect replica of your teeth. It can also compare records and store your dental history.

Unlike traditional panoramic X-rays, the scanner uses 3D technology to maneuver your teeth virtually. The images are then used to create your dental plan while predicting shifting in your mouth. The best part of these Invisalign 3D scanner images is that you can see your teeth’ possible outcome after the treatment is complete!

Benefits of the Invisalign 3D Scanner

Invisalign Braces offer several benefits over traditional metal braces. They are easier to maintain, and teenagers have fewer restrictions, so they do well with Invisalign braces.

Among the many benefits of the Invisalign 3D scanner is:

SafetyThe radiation-free iTero scanner can be used on anyone, including pregnant women!

Quick and Easy – There are no molds to make, so appointments are faster. The scanner images are ready in minutes. No more waiting! Our dentists can also stop mid-scan and redo an area that needs better imaging. No more starting over and redoing the whole scan!

No Discomfort – No more molds and goopy, awful-tasting molding material. You never have to hold those squishy molds on your teeth and gums while waiting for them to set!

3D Scanning in color – Scanning in full color makes 3D imaging more precise. It is much easier to see teeth in color as opposed to black-and-white images. This provides a better diagnosis and improves outcomes for patients.

Image Versatility – Your dental data is stored in the iTero scanner and can be used later if you should need on-lays, crowns, veneers, or bridges.

See your treatment results before you start – Using the Invisalign 3D scanner images, our dentists can show you what you need and why. You can see the expected results before deciding confidently on an Invisalign treatment plan.

Get the BEST results – The Invisalign 3D scanner images are more accurate than dental impressions. They offer our dentists outstandingly detailed pictures of your gums and teeth, so your Invisalign braces not only fit well, but they are also very comfortable!

Invisalign Treatments in Tijuana

The Dental District Dental Clinic in Tijuana is located in New City Medical Plaza, home to many medical and dental providers. This key location offers premier hotel accommodations, fine dining, shopping, and entertainment. Our staff is bilingual, offering language services to anyone in need.

Being close to the US/Mexico border allows us to treat patients in both countries. Invisalign treatments are expensive in the US, where the average Invisalign regimen can cost between 1800 to 9000 USD, depending on the complexity of the treatment.

Our dental clinic offers the same high-quality dental care at a significant discount. We also take dental insurance from US companies! We offer Invisalign and traditional metal braces at an affordable rate.

If you are considering Invisalign braces using the iTero scanner technology, contact us today to book your appointment with our Dentist in Tijuana!

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