Thanksgiving vs Dentures: Foods To Avoid During The Holidays

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Thanksgiving is coming and with it many social reunions and delicious delicacies to enjoy with friends and family. If you have a new set of dentures and are trying to adjust to them, there are some things you might want to consider to make everything go smoothly this season or you can consult our Dentist in Tijuana:

First of all, you surely know there are different Types of Dentures available according to you personal needs, preferences and daily habits, let’s take a quick look:

  • Partial dentures. They are perfect for patients who still have teeth left, but not strong enough to support Dental Bridges. This type of denture can be easily removed for cleaning or sleeping. Most of them are made of acrylic or metal.
  • Complete dentures. Also known as full dentures, replace all of your natural teeth and are held in place by suction and oral adhesive.
  • Immediate dentures. They are for immediate use after tooth extraction and during the healing process of different treatments.This type of denture can be easily adjusted, and it’s usually disposed of when the healing process is completed.
  • All on 4 Implants. This treatment consists of a complete denture fixed into the jawbone by four implants per arch. This treatment lasts longer and is more comfortable for the patient than traditional dentures.

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Regardless of the type of solution you’ve chosen, there are some important dental care practices you need to consider as a new denture wearer to avoid sore spots.

Foods to Avoid With New Dentures

  • Sticky Foods. Anything that can move your denture out of place or get underneath your denture can irritate your gums, such as: Peanut butter, gummy candies, chewing gum, etc.
  • Finger Foods. Any food that your teeth won’t grind easily can give you a hard time by getting stuck in and around your denture: Pop corn, sesame seeds, shelled nuts, etc.
  • Hard Foods. Whatever makes you apply uneven pressure to bite or chew can dislodge or hurt your newly placed dentures, stay away from apples, carrot sticks or similar foods.
  • Tough Meats. If it needs multiple bites to tenderize, avoid them for now or you could be causing unnecessary stress on your gums, grinding and chewing will create sore spots where dentures and gums meet, don’t eat pork chops, steak, ribs or similar, at least until the adjustment process ends.If you find yourself missing any of the foods listed above, don’t feel discouraged! There are plenty of tasty, denture-friendly substitutes available that you can be included in your diet:

Foods You Can Eat With New Dentures

  • Slow-cooked meats. Let that tasty meat become tender by cooking it for longer periods of time: tender turkey, brisket, pulled pork or pot roasts are good options.
  • Ground meats. This type of meat can be easily eaten without stressing your dentures by chewing: ground beef or turkey, burgers or meat rolls are really tasty!
  • Cooked vegetables. Boiling and steaming veggies will soften their texture, making them a great pick, also the wide variety of dishes you can prepare with them is a plus during the first weeks.
  • Soft foods. You can enjoy the majority of the turkey dinner sides with no problem: mashed potatoes, sweet potato casseroles, cornbread, applesauce, and cranberry sauce are some delicious examples!

foods you can eat with new dentures

As time goes by and your healing process is completed, you will feel confident and accustomed to your new dental implant or denture, being able to enjoy Thanksgiving fully!

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, there are more than 36 million Americans who do not have any teeth and 120 million more with missing teeth, so it’s pretty common most people decide to get a denture or even go for a permanent solution with an All on 4 procedure.

If you are still not sure about what’s the best option for you, Contact Us Today in our Dental Clinic in Tijuana, where our Dental implants in Tijuana & Oral Rehabilitation Specialist, Dr. Yoalli Arce, can perform an oral examination and create a treatment plan to help you regain the functionality of your teeth. Ask about our services such as dental veneers in Tijuana, invisalign in Tijuana, Dental crowns in Tijuana and Endodontics in Tijuana.

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