Teeth Whitening For A Sparkling Smile In Holidays

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Everyone is ready for the holidays and waiting for a merry Christmas and a dazzling new year! However, with your family coming to town, Christmas photos to take at work, or seeing old friends for the holidays, you may want to achieve the best overall look, which includes your smile! 

Instead of seeing snow in the town or in holiday movies, you can look in the mirror and achieve a dazzling white smile! Just like you don’t want to see anything but white snow, you probably don’t want stains on your pearly whites. With our professional zoom teeth whitening at The Dental District, we can help you achieve a bright and white smile that you can enjoy for months! 

Why Do Our Teeth Stain?

Have you noticed that snow starts out as white, but if you throw some dirt on it, it will turn like color brown? Well, in your teeth, this is similar! Teeth are porous, which means that they absorb anything like a sponge. Certain foods and beverages such as blackberries, wine, and coffee can cause staining, and bad habits like smoking can also lead to stains

The only way to avoid stains on your teeth is to avoid the foods and drinks known for staining your teeth and avoid habits that might stain your pearly whites; brushing and flossing regularly and visiting our specialists for a teeth cleaning can improve your oral health. 

In some cases, brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings won’t be enough to achieve whiter teeth. This is where our teeth whitening comes into play. 

What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening?

  • Improves your overall appearance

    You get that dazzling smile in your family/friends’ photos or selfies!  

  • It gives you a younger look

    As we age, our teeth will become yellowish and stained. Coffee, wine, smoking, and aging are the ones to blame. Achieving a whiter and brighter smile can wipe years off and make your family and friends focus on your smile rather than on any wrinkles

  • It improves your confidence

    Achieving whiter teeth can make you feel better about yourself. For those who think that their teeth may not be their best and don’t like smiling in public, teeth whitening can change that and make them able to smile confidently again. Smiling has been shown to make people happier since it releases endorphins; everything on holidays is merry, so why not let your smile be it too?

  • Improves your dental care

    Visiting the dentist and using floss and brush regularly can trigger excellent oral health. Those who care about their appearance will commonly improve their dental routine to keep teeth white and bright. 

  • Quick results

    Compared to many teeth whitening products that you can find in the market, teeth whitening at the dental office can change your entire smile in less than an hour! You won’t have to wait weeks to notice changes in your teeth, which is the best! Store products might be cheaper but remember, you get what you pay for! 

Teeth Whitening In Tijuana

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic and non-invasive dental procedure that helps remove stains and discoloration on teeth commonly caused by pigments contained in many foods and drinks, as well as in tobacco.

At The Dental District, we use the Zoom Philips Teeth Whitening, the #1 brand worldwide, thanks to its capacity to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades quickly and without discomfort. In-office teeth whitening is the safest way to achieve a brighter and whiter smile without the risk of damaging your gums and teeth. 

In this procedure, specialized laser light and a concentrated peroxide gel are used together to lighten the shade of the teeth, eliminating all the stains and discoloration that may exist. Teeth whitening is performed by our specialists and is commonly completed in about 1 hour, offering immediately noticeable results.

How White Can My Teeth Get With Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom Philips whitening results can be different for every patient. For example, more discolored will not whiten to the same degree as teeth that were initially light in color. Having this in consideration, the Zoom Philips technology can lighten up to 8 shades!

Who Is A Candidate For A Teeth Whitening?

Almost everyone is a good candidate for this cosmetic treatment, especially those with good oral health who want a brighter and whiter smile. However, it is not recommended for patients with periodontal disease, cavities, or plaque or for pregnant patients. It is also not recommended for those under 18 years. 

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

It is not permanent but long-lasting (from six months to two years). Although fading is inevitable, it is possible to slow the process by avoiding certain foods and beverages and quitting smoking. 

If you are hoping to flash a bright smile this holiday, be it during Christmas eve or a new year party, our team of experienced dentist in Tijuana is ready for your visit and will help you to achieve your goals. Our professional teeth whitening has results you won’t be able to find over many teeth whitening products. Contact us to schedule an appointment in our dental clinic in Tijuana!  Ask about our services such as invisible orthodontics in Tijuana, dental crowns in Tijuana, dental implants in Tijuana and root canal in Mexico.

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