Removing Braces With A Spoon: A Dentist Opinion

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You probably know a new wave of TikTok trends called “Do It Yourself,” known as “DIY” for its acronym, which is making things yourself at home. These trends have shocked many dentists, who are starting to advise and warn young people about how dangerous these trends can be to their smiles.

DIY dental “hacks” have gone viral on social media and can range from tutorials on “how to make your own veneers” to removing your braces with a spoon. Today our experienced specialists in our dental clinic in Tijuana will talk about the DIY of pulling off braces with a spoon. 

Many dentists have spoken on TikTok, reacting to the risky ideas some people have come up with. A famous dentist on TikTok known as “The braces guy” warned that even if a person manages to take off their braces with a spoon, they would still need to go to the dental office since glue residue would still be on their teeth. 

Plus, their teeth would likely begin to move back without getting a retainer, meaning crooked teeth and needing braces again.

Our Dentist’s Opinion On This DIY Trend

“As an experienced dentist, I was shocked when I realized what was happening. It’s just too harmful to your oral health, don’t try this at home, and don’t remove your braces! Only a specialist (the orthodontist) can remove dental braces, no one else!” Says Dr. Yoalli Arce, our experienced implant and oral rehabilitation specialist.

Meet Dr. Yoalli Arce, our implant and oral rehabilitation specialist and the best dentist in Tijuana.

“We, the specialists, aren’t the only ones shocked by this trend; dental assistants and students are also speaking up against TikTok trends that can mean any harm to your pearly whites.”

Many TikTokers who regret doing dental DIY are also speaking out, including one young woman who said that after trying to straighten her teeth with a nail filer, she had to go to the dentist because of severe pain. She had to go to the dental office anyway. Another DIY that went viral some time ago was a TikTok user (@muack) who showed herself struggling to take off a set of fake fangs that she attached to her teeth with nail glue.

“Most of the DIY dental hacks can mean a permanent decision; there are several risks, such as having a cracked or chipped tooth or even losing a tooth,” Says Dr. Yoalli Arce. 

Viewers justify DIY hacks for a specific reason, “Going to the dentist is just too expensive” other popular comments are:

 “If dental care weren’t so expensive in the US, people would probably get them professionally done,” or “Many people don’t have money to fix their teeth.”

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