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Dentists Warning On Online Clear Aligners


Modern dentistry allows people to wear invisible aligners instead of traditional braces. Just imagine a smile without those metal wires! Invisalign popularity is growing, and many patients are comfortable with them since they are removable and less noticeable.  However, something is alarming for many dentists; they have warned not to order clear aligners online [...]

Dentists Warning On Online Clear Aligners2023-04-20T13:19:58-07:00

Types of bite: What’s a perfect bite like?


Nowadays, it´s very common to see children, adolescents and adults using braces or orthodontic treatments to have a perfect bite. However, a correct dental occlusion not only has an important role on the way your teeth look, but it´s also necessary for oral health. Next, we will tell you what a perfect bite is, its [...]

Types of bite: What’s a perfect bite like?2023-04-20T13:20:03-07:00

Why do I have black gums?


Have you noticed that you have dark spots on parts of your gums? Dark gums can be an image problem because they look as if the mouth is dirty, although in most cases these spots are not visible. However, stains or color changes in the gum may be explaining that a pathology related to oral [...]

Why do I have black gums?2023-04-20T13:19:51-07:00

Can I Use My Dental Insurance In Tijuana?


You always pay your dental insurance just in time, and when you need a dental procedure, it turns out that your copayment is higher than you can commonly afford, so what can you do? You do have a great option! Many dentists in Tijuana are certified to work with American insurance being our clinic [...]

Can I Use My Dental Insurance In Tijuana?2023-05-24T11:27:38-07:00

Removing Braces With A Spoon: A Dentist Opinion


You probably know a new wave of TikTok trends called "Do It Yourself," known as "DIY" for its acronym, which is making things yourself at home. These trends have shocked many dentists, who are starting to advise and warn young people about how dangerous these trends can be to their smiles. DIY dental "hacks" [...]

Removing Braces With A Spoon: A Dentist Opinion2023-04-20T13:04:47-07:00

Invisalign Vs. Braces: Which Is Better


If you are looking for the best orthodontic treatments to achieve a functional and beautiful smile, there are two options, Invisalign and braces. Braces work by pulling your teeth with a metal wire, while Invisalign straightens your teeth through many series of clear aligners that moves your teeth into the correct position. Choosing between [...]

Invisalign Vs. Braces: Which Is Better2023-05-25T12:39:22-07:00

Teeth Whitening For A Sparkling Smile In Holidays


Everyone is ready for the holidays and waiting for a merry Christmas and a dazzling new year! However, with your family coming to town, Christmas photos to take at work, or seeing old friends for the holidays, you may want to achieve the best overall look, which includes your smile!  Instead of seeing snow [...]

Teeth Whitening For A Sparkling Smile In Holidays2023-05-23T15:47:19-07:00

All You Need To Know About Teeth Grillz


You have probably heard about teeth Grillz or dental grills on social media since they are trending in pop culture thanks to many artists like Quavo (member of the rap group Migos), Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott, among other musicians. These artists are making flashy tracks along with their shiny diamond teeth. But are [...]

All You Need To Know About Teeth Grillz2023-04-20T13:32:50-07:00
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