Nail Glue For Fake Fangs? A Dentist Opinion On This Halloween Tik Tok Trend

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A video of the tik tok user @muawk went viral after showing herself struggling to take off a set of fake fangs she had stuck to her natural teeth using nail glue. At some point, we’ve all done what’s in our hands to get creative with our Halloween costumes, however, this DIY vampire fang hack should not be imitated by anybody due to the potential damage it can cause to your teeth

What Happens If Nail Glue Gets on Your Teeth?

Dr. Yoalli, our Implant & Oral Rehabilitation Specialist and the best dentist in Tijuana, explains: “Nail glue usually contains something called cyanoacrylate, a chemical that can be seriously harmful when it gets in contact with the eyes, mouth or nose. When realizing how quickly this component dries and hardens, people try to take it off by pulling or even using a buffer, which puts you at risk of removing the outer layer of the tooth, called enamel; this can cause problems like tooth sensitivity and make you prone to get cavities easily. Also, if the nail glue gets stuck on your gums or your cheeks, ulcers can appear when trying to rub it off.”

What Safe Alternatives Are There To Create Fake Fangs?

A plastic set of fangs from the party store is probably the easiest and cheapest way to complement your vampire look, however, they tend to be uncomfortable. If you have a DIY-spirit, here’s a list of options that won’t harm your teeth:

  • Attach fake, triangle-shaped nails to your teeth, but use denture glue or braces wax. Never nail glue! 
  • Cut and shape a plastic straw to create the fake fangs and slip them onto your canines.

(Exclusively temporary) Use non-toxic polymorph plastic, which consists of tiny beads that melt together when submerged in hot water. When it’s still warm, you can mold it into the shape of fangs, stick them to your teeth and wait for it to get cooled so it hardens. Be careful with handling hot materials so you don’t damage your gums and, also, be cautious not to swallow it.

“Permanent Vampire Teeth”: An Unsafe Practice

Some dental clinics have gone as far as to offer “permanent vampire teeth” by using things like fillings or even customized crowns. “I would never advise any of my patients to undergo a procedure like that. It might seem harmless, however, reshaping your canines can completely change the way you chew and talk (it can affect your speech and pronunciation), and also cause mouth pain, severe headaches and other problems as consequences of that dramatic physical change. Having fun for one day using safe materials is ok, but going through a permanent transformation like this can cause harm to your oral and overall health”, Dr. Yoalli said. 

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Dealing with Natural “Vampire” Teeth

We have four types of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. The shape of each is genetically predetermined. The purpose of the canines is to hold, tear, and grasp food; it’s natural for them to have a pointy tip, but some people have extra pointy, long and sharp ones (“vampire teeth”).

If you are not comfortable with your extra-pointy canines, there are dental procedures that can help you fix it: reshaping and bonding, two complementary cosmetic treatments that can help your canines fit better among your other teeth. This procedure itself is not painful and is relatively simple. Other dental treatments that can give that finishing touch to your treatment are dental fillings and veneers

You can enjoy the spooky season safely, especially being careful when it comes to Halloween custom props that get in touch with your skin, eyes, nose and mouth. If you experience any dental problem when using your DIY fake fangs or want to remove your natural ones, contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in our Dental Clinic in Tijuana with our services such as invisalign in Tijuana, dental braces in Tijuana, Dental implants in Mexico and Endodontics in Tijuana

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