How Dentist Support LGBT Oral Health

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Going to the dentist can be a nervous experience for anyone, but for the LGBT community, it can sometimes feel like there’s an additional layer of judgment or discrimination. However, our dentists at The Dental District are among the most supportive groups regarding everyone’s oral health! Today, we’ll explore how dentists support LGBT oral health and why you should not be afraid to visit the dentist’s office. 

Meet Dr. Yoalli Arce, our Implant & Oral Rehabilitation Specialist and the best dentist in Tijuana.

“As a part of the LGBT community myself, our team of experienced professionals at The Dental District are prepared to receive any patient regardless of their gender, be gay, transgender or patients that are still transitioning”.

According to different studies, people from the LGBT community are more sexually active than cisgender persons. This impacts oral health, and it’s because of this lifestyle that our specialist says that it is important for you to visit us so we can do a dental check-up. Because if you have problems such as gum bleeding or some open wound in your tissue, it can affect your active sex life…which leads us to the next point.

Why Is Oral Health Important In An Active Sex Life?

It Is important to achieve a great lifestyle, and if you want a healthy sex life, then you should look after your teeth; with excellent dental care, intimacy will be better, secure and more comfortable for you and your partner. 

There can be different problems on your teeth and gums that can affect your intimacy such as bleeding gums or periodontal disease, and this can make you more susceptible to a sexually transmitted disease.

How Can I Achieve Good Oral Health?

It’s easy to get and maintain good oral health with preventive dental care. It’s never too late to book an appointment to start by doing the basics such as teeth cleaning; our team of specialists can check the health of your teeth and gums, and they will create a personalized treatment plan in our dental clinic in Tijuana in case of any dental problem.

Regular teeth cleaning is basic but important as it helps keep your gums healthy, lowering your chances of developing other diseases. At the end of your dental cleaning, your breath will be fresher, and your teeth will look a whiter, improving your overall appearance. 

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Which Problems On Teeth Can LGBT People Have?

  1. Studies show that the LGBT lifestyle involves more smoking than straight or cisgender people. If you smoke, you are more likely to have problems with your teeth, such as gum disease and tooth loss. How does smoking hurt your teeth? Well, it increases the risk of mouth cancer, and tobacco also leaves smoking stains on teeth.
  2. Some transgender people may take hormones they have bought online without any medical prescription. This type of medication can cause oral health problems. This is why you must go to the dentist and be able to discuss any possible issues in your mouth with an LGBT-friendly dentist.
  3. Sometimes LGBT members experience unique stress, which can contribute to poor mental health. People who suffer from anxiety and depression are less likely to keep a good brushing routine, leading to oral health problems

The Dental District, An Inclusive Team Of Dentists

Everybody is welcome in our dental office in Tijuana, Mexico. By stepping in, you’ll be sure to:

  • Be in a safe, judgment-free space.
  • No one here will make assumptions for being part of the LGBT community.
  • Any personal information will be treated confidentially.

Our dentists in our Dental Clinic in Tijuana support everyone’s oral health; all patients should have access to quality dental care with the best options, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. So if you’re feeling nervous about your next dentist appointment, don’t worry – you’re in good hands. Visit The Dental District today and schedule a dental implants in Mexico appointment for quality dental care, from a team that supports your rights as an LGBT individual. Ask about our best services such as invisible orthodontics in Tijuana, dental crowns in Tijuana and root canal in Mexico.

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