Halloween Teeth Props: Are They Safe?

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Spooky season is here, meaning the year’s scariest night is near! While we know that excess chewy and hard candies can harm teeth and oral health, another subject must also be discussed: Halloween teeth props! Accessories like fangs and fake teeth can be harmful if not handled properly. Today our team of dentist in Tijuana will tell you which materials are (and aren’t) safe to use.

Halloween Teeth: The Dentists Opinion

  • Staining wax coatings

    Depending on which character you plan to dress up, purposely staining your teeth may be the touch you need to complete your costume. There are many options in the stores; however, choosing a product that won’t stain your tooth enamel is essential. 

Instead of staining your teeth choose a prosthetic with denture glue (a safe material used at the dental office).

Avoid prosthetics if you have braces or have undergone a recent dental procedure.

  • Fangs

    Probably the most popular Halloween prosthetic for teeth. Who doesn’t love the classic vampire look? Sometimes, social media trends have popularized dangerous practices, such as using nail glue to create fangs; The safest way to achieve them is by using dental adhesive – just like the one grandpa uses for his prosthetic teeth. Most dental adhesives are temporary and will wash off when brushing your teeth. 

  • Teeth jewelry

     Are you thinking of a sparkling look? If so, you will get a bright grill or tooth gems to complete your costume.

Dental jewelry has become popular as celebrities are often seen wearing it. Most are safe and easy to remove, but checking them before buying them is essential. Our specialists recommend avoiding grills or gems with metal components and sharp edges as they can damage your gums or cut your lips. Gems or grills that are too tight can damage your teeth and cause them to move, affecting your alignment (if worn for an extended period).

  • Fake blood

 A gory costume is nothing without a dash of blood on hair, skin, and teeth! Many types of fake blood contain chemicals that can harm your teeth –  they might not cause cavities or pain, but they can stain your pearly whites. Also, fake blood can irritate your teeth and gums if you have periodontitis (you don’t want to keep looking like a living dead after Halloween!).

  • Tooth blackout wax

If you are a fan of dressing up as a witch or a zombie, you might think of creating a missing teeth effect. We know this creative illusion is way better and less scary than  missing a natural tooth… but not all blackout products are great for your teeth, as they might get sticky. If you have veneers, we recommend avoiding this product. 

What About Other Halloween Accessories?

No peaky blinders costume is complete without a pipe! While items such as pencils or cigarettes seem essential to define your look, chewing on hard accessories can be harmful. Your teeth are not tools! For example, chewing all night on a pipe can lead to dental damage. Many people lose a tooth because of these accessories, so keep these items out of your mouth and use them only for those midnight photos.

You can get that frightening smile without damaging your teeth. Before buying any dental prosthetics to complete your scary costume, ask specialists for professional advice and look for safe materials. Remember to remove those fangs, brush your teeth and check that no residue is left behind before bed. Now dress up and let the trick & treating begin! Contact us today to schedule an appointment in our dental clinic in Tijuana and ask about our best services such as invisalign in Tijuana, dental crowns in Tijuana, endodontics in Mexico and dental implants in Mexico.

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