Dental Implant Post-Care Tips for Your Implants

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Once your implants are surgically placed, it is time to understand dental implant post-care tips for your dental implants. Good oral care and following all instructions from the specialist will eliminate the infection and shorten recovery.

Why Good Implant Post-care is Essential

Your dental implants are implanted into the jawbone. Keeping the area clean and infection-free is extremely important. Your dental implant stimulates bone growth. It generally takes about two to three months for a solid base of bone to form around the implant.are meant to last forever. Thorough implant post-care will ensure they heal properly and last your lifetime.

Post Care for Dental Implants

The goal of good implant post-care is the successful healing of your implants and a speedy recovery process. You can ensure that happens by following the post-care instructions and doing frequent, thorough oral care.

Immediately After Implantation

Swelling and mouth discomfort are the most common complaints post-implantation. Immediately after surgery, it is normal for you to have discomfort, swelling, and oozing of blood from the gums at the surgical site.


Your gums will be sore, and swelling may occur. Applying ice to the swollen area for 20-minute minutes will help eliminate swelling and ease gum discomfort. Keep your head elevated to avoid excessive swelling. Most swelling disappears after 24 hours.


Bleeding from the gums, especially where there are stitches, is normal. It should be oozing and not fully bleeding. Placing clean gauze over the oozing area and applying firm pressure will stop the bleeding. Do not remove the gauze if the oozing restarts, add fresh gauze and continue strong pressure. It may take up to an hour for the oozing to stop. Don’t pull on your lips or disturb the implant site.


If your dentist feels you need a prescription pain reliever, they will give you the script before leaving the office. Most discomfort is relieved with Ibuprofen. It will also help reduce post-implant swelling. Take the medication with a full glass of water as the dentist ordered.

The discomfort should subside in a few days. If they continue for more than four days, contact your specialist immediately!


If your dentist sends you home with antibiotics, take them as ordered with a full glass of water. To minimize your risk of infection, finish the whole prescription.

Food and Beverages

Avoid spicy foods and hot beverages for 3-4 days. A soft diet such as puddings, jello, pasta, and eggs will create the least discomfort for the first few days. You can resume your normal diet on day four post-surgery, but avoid hard food such as nuts, pretzels, chips, and hard and sticky candies.

Oral Hygiene

The first 24 hours after surgery, gently brush your teeth. You can floss, but DO NOT rinse the area of the implant. DO NOT spit. Let the water fall from your mouth. DO NOT use Hydrogen Peroxide or spray water in your mouth (Waterpik).

Twenty-four hours after surgery, rinse your mouth gently with salt water 3-4 times daily and after every meal and snack. You can use a Q-tip and the proper cleaner instead of toothpaste to cleanse your implant or abutment. NEVER use a toothpick. This could lead to gum damage and infection!

Dental implant post-care eliminates infection and makes your implantation more successful.

How many days should you rest after a dental implant?

Rest for the first 48 hours. Our implant specialists base their recommendations on individual health, physical well-being, surgical procedures, and the work environment you will return to. Most patients rest for 3-4 days post-surgery.


NO smoking for 2 weeks after surgery. Smoking slows the healing process and puts the site at risk for infection.

Follow-up Appointments

Continue to see your dentist for all flow-up appointments, even if your mouth feels healed. Establish a good oral care routine and continue your routine for life!

How long does it take for gums to heal after dental implants?

Gums generally heal in 3-5 weeks with good oral care. Your jawbone can take 3-5 months to recover fully.

Once Your Implant Has Healed

Brush your teeth and floss after meals. See your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Avoid tobacco and caffeine products that can stain your teeth. Do not eat anything that is hard and can crack your implant.

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