Dental Care for Seniors

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At The Dental District, we know dental care is one of the most common health concerns for people over the age of 60, who might be dealing with problems such as missing teeth, gum disease, dry mouth, or darkened teeth, and we believe there should be a special place to treat them with the patience and understanding they deserve.

This is why we’ve created a new division: The Dental District Senior, a dental clinic in Tijuana dedicated to providing the best personalized oral care for older adults at affordable, transparent prices in a comfortable, safe, and welcoming environment.

Our certified dentists are specialized in treating age-related diseases and complex dental treatments like implants.

The Importance Of Senior Dental Care

Dental problems can affect a patient’s quality of life. Imagine not being able to do common day-to-day activities like eating, chewing, or even talking. Often, the bad habits we picked up at a young age have their consequences when getting older. This is the reason senior patients usually need to undergo treatments like implants, dentures, bone grafts, and others.

The Dental District Senior’s mission is to improve the health of the elderly community with affordable dental treatment plans in an atmosphere of trust and compassion, aiming to create a preventative oral care culture. The purpose of this new division is to make a difference in each one of our patient’s lives so that they can smile, eat, talk and laugh comfortably again.


Most Common Dental Problems In Older Adults

Senior dental care

  • Gum Disease
    It is an infection in the tissues that hold the teeth. It’s caused by poor hygiene and can be dangerous if not treated on time. Some symptoms include bleeding, soreness, and chewing problems.
  •  Tooth Loss
    Not having teeth can make necessities like eating a bit uncomfortable. Tooth loss can also weaken your jaw bone, which can lead to premature facial sagging. Implants and dentures are usually needed in patients dealing with this problem.

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  • Oral Cancer
    Bad habits such as smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco put seniors at higher risk of oral cancer, but having regular visits with a dentist can help detect it on time.
  • Darkened Teeth
    As we age, the outer layer of enamel on our teeth gets worn away; the tooth gets more “translucent”, which makes it look darker/yellowish. Also, a lifetime of consuming stain-causing foods and beverages takes its toll.

Our certified dentist in Tijuana and specialists are ready to meet your oral health needs with unmatched precision and skills. With a Patient Center in Chula Vista and our main Dental Clinic in Tijuana, we are ready to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Schedule a consultation today to get a check up and a personalized quote about invisalign in Tijuana, dental braces in Tijuana, dental implants in Mexico and Endodontics in Mexico!


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