Consequences of losing a tooth

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There are many reasons why a person may experience tooth loss. Whether due to an impact during an accident, due to lack of dental hygiene, a health condition or any other that may not be the patient´s fault, it is essential to go to the dentist in Tijuana immediately to repair the situation and replace the lost piece.

Today we will tell you about the risks and consequences of losing a tooth and not replacing it, join us to read!

The mouth, a perfect puzzle

Just as you read it. Our mouth is a perfect puzzle, in which all the pieces fit and are necessary for chewing, speaking and supporting the tissues. Therefore, a missing piece, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can produce an imbalance in the entire puzzle and cause problems that affect the rest of the pieces.

When the loss of a tooth is due to a lack of dental hygiene, or periodontal disease, the tissues and maxilary bone are destroyed and weakened, so that they lose their ability to hold the tooth and it ends up falling out, with the risk of other parts damage and may also weaken and fall.

For its part, loss due to trauma is more difficult to prevent since it is usually the result of an unforeseen blow or accident, and in these cases it is common for the tooth to fracture, but not for it to fall completely together with the root as in the case of periodontal disease.

What can happen if a tooth falls out?

Chewing problems

When chewing, there will be a hollow area due to the lack of a piece, so the food will have a greater effect on the gum and cause damage and discomfort that will make you chew on the other side, causing an overload, which leads to accelerated teeth wear.

In addition, it is likely that you will stop consuming certain foods, such as the crunchiest ones, due to the difficulty of chewing them. And, as if that were not enough, you can experience digestive problems by not having a correct chewing.

Movement of other teeth

In the absence of a tooth, the rest of the pieces will tend to move to occupy the free space since part of their role is to support each other and they will look for the closest one, causing them to separate from each other. This situation can become very serious, since the opposite tooth (for example, the upper right canine in case of losing the lower right canine) can erupt excessively, trying to have contact with the other and causing the root to come out of the bone, with the risk of falling.

Tartar, caries and periodontitis

Mobility and irregular interdental spaces favor the retention of food residues, and make dental hygiene difficult, which causes tartar accumulation that leads to gums inflammation, caries and periodontal disease.

Revision of a missing tooth

Bone loss or atrophy

Disuse due to tooth loss carries the risk of atrophy of the supporting bone over time, making it more difficult to treat the patient and prevent further tooth loss.

Speech difficulties

Teeth play an important role in communication, since the tongue touches them to pronounce letters and words, especially if the incisors or canines are lost.

Discomfort and self-esteem issues

Without a doubt, the absence of teeth gives people an unpleasant appearance, especially for themselves, and this is more noticeable when the most visible parts of the mouth are missing. Patients with this problem often cover their hands when speaking or smiling, make unnatural gestures to hide their teeth, or become withdrawn and avoid social gatherings due to embarrassment about their appearance.

In the worst cases, people can develop self-esteem issues or depression.

The importance of early treatment

Timely treatment helps prevent all these problems, especially if you treat yourself before the loss of a tooth occurs. But, if you lost it due to an accident, or due to a disease that has weakened your teeth, treatments such as dental implants in Tijuana and oral rehabilitation will restore your smile and functionality.

In case of having lost several pieces, the most recommended solution is removable dentures or prostheses, which help to quickly and easily recover the ability to chew and pronounce as well as with the face aesthetics. The most important thing is to go to the specialist so that he can give you the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

We hope that this information is useful to you and helps you to be more aware of the care of your teeth and the prevention of the loss of one of them. In our Dental Clinic in Tijuana we invite you to schedule your assessment appointment with our dental specialists in Tijuana, to maintain the health and beauty of your smile, we will gladly assist you with our services such as invisible orthodontics in Tijuana, dental crowns in Tijuana, Endodontics in Mexico, or dental braces in Tijuana.

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