Can I Use My Dental Insurance In Tijuana?

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You always pay your dental insurance just in time, and when you need a dental procedure, it turns out that your copayment is higher than you can commonly afford, so what can you do? You do have a great option! Many dentists in Tijuana are certified to work with American insurance being our clinic one of them. Today our team of experienced specialists at The Dental District will explain what you must know about this and the benefits Americans have when visiting us.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Applies In Tijuana?

We recommend some options to find out:

  • Search on the internet. You can search on google by typing dental insurance in Tijuana, and many dentists have lists of the insurances they work with on their clinic websites.
  • Ask your friends and family. There is nothing like a first-hand source for a great experience! Ask your friends and family with your same insurance if they have used it with a dentist in Tijuana. They will even recommend you a specific dentist or even recommend us!
  • Your insurance provides you with a list of doctors. Your insurance can give you a list of certified dentists, which includes phone numbers, websites, and addresses.

How Does My Insurance Work In Tijuana?

Each clinic works differently with insurance. When the dentists accept your insurance, the next step is to call the one you choose and find out how it is handled. It depends on the type (HMO OR PPO), so we will explain this in general:

  • Calling your dentist. You should contact your Tijuana dentist before scheduling an appointment so you can provide them with your information so they can obtain your eligibility. The data commonly is; the full name of the subscriber, date of birth, ID Number, and Member ID (this information is in your Insurance Card).

Once your dentist has your information, they will contact your insurance to obtain your eligibility. They will know which procedures are covered so they can give you a planned treatment during your first appointment. 

  • Deductibles in procedures. You will be charged a deductible in case of treatments such as root canals or tooth extraction. The amount depends on your insurance plan. Usually, they are $50 per individual and $150 per family, but it might be lower! Depending on how many family members wish to be treated, you can handle it as a personal or family deductible.
  • Copayments in procedures. Depending on the coverage, some treatments might not be fully covered by the insurance, most of them cosmetic, such as veneers, Invisalign (clear aligners), and teeth whitening. This means you will have to pay an amount of the total cost of the procedure. 

The benefit of using your insurance with a dentist in Tijuana is that copayments are lower than in the USA! A $500 copayment can be as low as $100 in Tijuana. 

  • Handling. Once the team of specialists is done with your procedure, your dental clinic in Tijuana will handle the insurance claim for you. Don’t worry about teeth numbering or ADA codes; your dentists will handle it.

Keep in mind that these points may vary in the different clinics. It is better to call your dentist to check how they will handle your insurance.

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Benefits Of Visiting Us If You Have Insurance

At The Dental District, you will find benefits such as:

  • Saving a lot of money. When visiting our dental clinic, you will save up to 70% of your money. For example, you can find what in the US costs $1200 to $300.
  • Same quality as the US. You will find the same quality as in the US. We have state-of-the-art facilities and the latest dental technology in the market, managed by the best dentists in Tijuana.
  • A warm staff. We understand that every patient is different, so our entire team, from patient coordinators to our experienced doctors, will give you friendly contact before, during, and after your dental procedure.
  • Quick payment process. You will receive a quote in less than 24 hours!

Dental Insurances That We Accept

These are the top insurances that our dental clinic accepts:

  • Aetna.
  • Delta Dental.
  • Guardian.
  • Humana.
  • Metlife.
  • Cigna.
  • Ameritas.
  • Blue of California.
  • Lincoln.
  • Assurant.
  • Premiere Access.

More American insurance companies are extending their coverage to dental clinics in Mexico, especially since fees are significantly lower.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Tijuana is an excellent option if you need dental or healthcare insurance. The cost of dental treatments is lower than in the US (70% off) but still performed by highly skilled and experienced dentists.

If you are one of the thousands of Americans looking for dental procedures at low costs, then a dentist in Tijuana is your best option. Just think about it, you can save up to 70% on your oral health needs. Our team of specialists is ready for your visit! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!  Ask about our best services such as invisalign in Tijuana, endodontics in Mexico, dental implants in Mexico and dental crowns in Tijuana.

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