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You have probably heard about teeth Grillz or dental grills on social media since they are trending in pop culture thanks to many artists like Quavo (member of the rap group Migos), Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott, among other musicians. These artists are making flashy tracks along with their shiny diamond teeth.

But are they safe to put on teeth? Does diamond teeth Grillz involve risks for oral health? Today Dr. Yoalli Arce, our Implant and Oral Rehabilitation Specialist, will guide you to talk about everything around teeth Grillz.

What Are Teeth Grillz?

Teeth Grillz, popularly called “Grillz,” are decorative prosthetics commonly made of gold, silver, or even different jewels and precious metals that snap over one or more of their teeth. Most of the time, they are removable, but some grill users have modified their teeth with gold crowns to permanent Grillz. 

Short History About Teeth Grillz

Teeth Grillz have been in trend for a long time. Historical prosthetics reveal that royals and nobles used dental grills with ornaments to signify social status as a meaning of wealth, money, and power. These were very popular in hippie and pop culture in the 80s. Teeth Grillz became mainstream about 40 years ago. 

Today, many celebrities, including Hollywood stars and famous artists, embraced such decoratives in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry to create a new statement on fashion. While doing this, they made teeth Grillz a sparkling trend, inspiring many young people worldwide to follow their steps.

How Long Do Teeth Grillz Last?

According to specialists in cosmetic dentistry, gold teeth Grillz can last a lifetime if you clean them and take care as you would with any other piece of jewelry. 

How Is The Teeth Grillz Procedure?

The teeth Grillz procedure is safe as long as you visit a team of specialists in cosmetic dentistry. It is the best advice that Dr. Yoalli can give since Grillz can also be found in online shops, which are not as safe and professional as a specialist in aesthetic dentistry.

Who uses Teeth Grillz?

  • Examining teeth

During the first appointment, your dentist in Tijuana will check your teeth to make sure they are in healthy conditions, and perform a teeth cleaning to fresh up your mouth and prepare your teeth enamel.

  • 3D model of your teeth

A few years ago, Grillz for teeth was made using a physical impression of your teeth by covering them with a soft putty, which you then have to bite until the material hardened, and of course, no moving, talking, or gagging can be uncomfortable. 

Thanks to world-class technology, it’s possible to avoid this uncomfortable step! Specialists now use digital scanners such as TRIOS 3D (the scanner our dentists use). With this, it is possible to create a digital image with the exact shape of all your teeth in less than two minutes.

  • Sending the impression to the jewelers

When your “prints” are made, they will be sent to jewelry makers, which will adapt your chosen model according to your teeth impressions; when ready, they will ship them back to the dental office. 

  • Trying on your grillz

As soon as your personalized Grillz arrives at the office, the specialists will contact you to ensure that they are well-fitted, explain how to put them safely, and answer all your questions.

The Risks Of Wearing Teeth Grillz

Now, our specialist Dr. Yoalli will tell you the risks of Grillz for teeth.

  • Hard to keep teeth clean

Grillz can damage toothbrush bristles making it harder to reach the spaces between your teeth (if you dont remove them when brushing). Leaving food particles on your teeth can stick to the enamel and cause cavities, and even need an Endodontics in Tijuana

Advantages of using teeth grillz

  • Gum disease

The accumulated bacteria may irritate your gums. As an answer to irritation, our immune system will react through inflammation of the gums; this can spread and damage your bones and teeth support structure.

  • Bad breath

Bacteria is a sulfur compound that produces a strong odor. As bacteria grows, you may develop bad breath (also known as halitosis). Mints, candies, or gum to freshen your breath will only generate more bacteria because of sugar. 

  • Allergic reaction

Some people might experience an allergic reaction; symptoms may involve difficulty breathing and itchy or red skin.

If you have teeth Grillz, it is important to have a dental check-up every six months to ensure the diamond teeth are not harming your teeth and gums. 

Teeth Grillz are a top trend, but even if they are safe to put on teeth (as long as it is with a specialist), our dental clinic in Tijuana recommends the best and most secure options for cosmetic treatments such as veneers or teeth whitening to achieve a bright and white smile! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!  Ask about our best services such as invisible orthodontics in Tijuana, dental crowns in Tijuana and dental implants in Tijuana.

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