7 Dangerous Dental TikTok Trends

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TikTok is a social media platform that has exploded in popularity with millions of active users worldwide! While it is a place for entertainment and fun, sometimes it is not without risks, especially when discussing health trends. Recently we have seen an increase in dental trends in TikTok that are dangerous and have long-term consequences for oral health. 

Today our dentist in Tijuana will discuss some dangerous dental TikTok trends and their consequences on your pearly whites.

7 Dangerous Dental Trends

  • DIY teeth whitening. DIY teeth whitening is a popular trend on TikTok that uses baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and charcoal to whiten teeth;. In contrast, these teeth whitening seems harmless, but they can damage teeth! Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are abrasive and can erode your enamel. On the other hand, charcoal can also be abrasive and leave scratches that trap bacteria and cause staining. 

  • Filing teeth. Another trend that has gained fame on TikTok is teeth filing. This trend involves using a nail file or sandpaper (most of the time, it is a nail file) to shape teeth to make them look “better” or to reduce the appearance of teeth gaps. This practice can lead to significant damage to teeth as it can expose the dentin layer beneath the enamel and cause sensitivity and, in severe cases, tooth decay. 

  • Tongue piercings. While tongue piercings are an old trend, they have returned on TikTok! These piercings can lead to different oral health problems from gum damage and tooth loss. The piercing’s metal can also damage teeth and cause cracks.

  • Chewing ice. Many users have posted videos of themselves chewing ice to cool down after doing a spicy challenge or to do an “ASMR” (videos of satisfying sound effects). However, chewing ice can damage your pearly whites; the possible damages include cupping, cracking, or breaking teeth. 

Plus, the cold temperature of ice can make teeth more sensitive.

  • Dental Fads. Many dental fads, including DIY aligners and tooth gems, are popular on social media. DIY clear aligners use plastic molds to straighten teeth at home, while tooth gems involve applying small crystals to teeth for a trendy effect. These fads don’t work but can also be dangerous for your smile, as attempting to move teeth without dental equipment can cause severe damage to teeth and gums. 

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Why Do People Do DYI Dental Trends?

People seek DIY dental services or “hacks” for many reasons, but the main one is the high costs of professional dental care, which can be expensive and even not covered by insurance. So people see TikTok trends as a more affordable option without knowing the risks. 

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While TikTok is a fun and entertaining platform, it is essential to be aware of the potential dangers associated with some dental trends that have gained popularity. DIY teeth whitening, teeth filing, DIY braces, and tongue piercings, among other DIY trends, are all practices that can harm your oral health. Our team of dentists in our dental clinic in Tijuana has the best and safest dental treatments, such as dental implants in Mexico, root canal in Mexico, dental crowns in Tijuana, veneers, and more! Visit us today to schedule an appointment!

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