Wear a Powerful Smile in Just One Day

All-On-4 Dental Implants in Tijuana

Wear a powerful smile in Just One Day

Dental Clinic In Tijuana

The Dental District is a state of the art facility. Modern, clean, comfortable, and equipped with the latest technology for precision dentistry.

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Affordable All-On-4 Dental Implants

Traditional removable dentures are one of the most common ways to address significant tooth loss; however, many patients experience discomfort and frustrating limitations while using them. At The Dental District in Tijuana, we offer a modern solution to replace missing teeth that, unlike traditional dentures, is permanent.

All-On-4 dental implants are a full-mouth restoration treatment on which a denture is fixed into the jawbone by four dental implants, replacing an entire arch of teeth. This type of dental implant is an excellent option for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth, who want to have a new set of teeth to enjoy life as they deserve, being able to eat, speak and smile confidently again.

Teeth That Look, Feel And Perform Naturally

The entire procedure can be completed in just one day, meaning you will be returning home the same day of surgery with new functional and beautiful teeth. Our team of multi-specialists work together to provide all the care you need, guiding you step-by-step through the different phases involved in the treatment: from the consultation to the after-care process.

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Big Savings That Will Make You Smile

Can you imagine saving up to almost 80% and obtaining the same high-quality dental treatments as in the United Stated? Here’s a price comparison:

All on 4 Dental Implants (per arch) $6,250 $24,000 74%
Dental Teeth Cleaning / Scaling (per quadrant) $90 $250 64%
Simple Tooth Extraction $80 $300 73%
Bone Graft (per tooth) $400 $940 57%
Root Canal $360 $1,200 79%
Oral Evaluation by a Specialist $35 $150 77%
All-On-4 Dental Implants (per arch) $6,250 – The Dental District $24,000 – In USA 74% Savings
Deep Teeth Cleaning /Scaling (per quadrant) $90- The Dental District $250 – In USA 64% Savings
Simple Tooth Extraction $80 – The Dental District $300 – In USA 73% Savings
Bone Graft (per tooth) $400- The Dental District $940 – In USA 57% Savings
Root Canal $360- The Dental District $1,200- In USA 79% Savings
Oral Evluation by a Specialist $35- The Dental District $150- In USA 77% Savings

The Advantages of All-On-4 Dental Implants

Dental implants have many benefits and provide excellent long-term value:

  • Easier speaking and chewing. Restore your full bite force to enjoy any food you like.
  • Comfortable fit. Forget about loose dentures or denture slip-ups! Gels and soaking solutions are not required.
  • Maintain a youthful appearance. Dental implants can prevent facial sagging and premature aging.
  • Lifetime durability. The implant is made of biocompatible titanium, which integrates with the jawbone.
  • A natural-looking smile. Nobody will be able to tell the difference.
  • Jawbone preservation. Stop the bone deterioration that generally occurs with tooth loss.

Why Get All-On-4 Dental Implants at The Dental District?


Scheduling an appointment and planning for your visit is very easy: fill our contact form, send us an email to info@thedentaldistrict.com or call us at +52 1 (664) 902 2627 from Mexico or from USA (858)-832-4027 and one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible.

We are located just 3 minutes away from the US – Mexico border through El Chaparral (San Ysidro), in NewCity Medical Plaza (29th Floor). We offer concierge and shuttle services from the border to our clinic and back (upon request).

Each patient needs a customized dental implant treatment, which means that the cost will vary depending on each patient’s particular case. Some variables are the type of materials used, as well as any additional treatment that could be required to perform a successful treatment.

Absolutely. Dental implants give you permanent teeth that look, feel, and function just like real teeth. Other people won’t notice, not even you!

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is a patient with good general and oral health, with healthy gum tissues and free of periodontal disease. Adequate bone volume in your jaw is needed to support any type of implant.

Patients who have suffered significant bone volume loss, either because of disease or the long-term absence of the natural teeth, may need an adequate restoration through grafting. Another option is a bridgework. Our specialist can determine what could be the best option for you.

Dental implants can take three to several months to integrate into place. The bone around a new implant needs time to heal so it can secure the implant into place. Jaw augmentation procedures require additional healing time, so it could take longer before the crown or bridge is placed in your mouth.

Dental implants should be treated like your natural teeth, so brushing and flossing should be in your daily routine, along with regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.

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