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Best Dentists in Tijuana, México

We are committed to excellence. That’s why our team is made of friendly, highly-skilled, passionate, and specialized dentists who provide quality dental care to patients from both sides of the US-Mexico border.

At the Dental District, you can rest assured that your dental health is in the hands of experts.

Dentist in Tijuana

Dr. Yoalli Arce

Implant Specialist

Dr. Joel Sánchez

Dental Surgeon

RDA Giselle Montes

Dental Assistant

David Martinez

Patient Coordinator

Sofía Gastelum

Patient Coordinator

We want to see you smile

From simple procedures like dental cleanings to complex treatments like dental implants in Tijuana: Our certified dentists and specialists are ready to meet your oral health needs with unmatched precision and skills.

At The Dental District, we provide comprehensive dental care to each one of our patients. This means that we combine different dental specialties to maintain or restore your oral health, or to enhance the look of your smile through cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana.

What we stand for


The Dental District offers the highest quality dental services, developing long-term relationships with our patients through personalized, close, honest, ethical, and informed care to meet their functional, aesthetic, and oral health needs and expectations.

Always using the latest technology, constantly training our staff, and promoting a culture of dental disease prevention as the primary base for a good quality of life.


To contribute significantly and positively to the oral health of the US – Mexico binational community by providing access to high-quality and affordable dental care.

We strive to become leaders in Tijuana’s dental industry, taken as the primary example of excellence in oral healthcare in the city.


As a human and professional team, we are committed to always act according to our core values: honesty, transparency, empathy, integrity, responsibility, patience, and respect.

Why would you choose us?

At The Dental District we have the dentists in Tijuana that your family needs to have excellent dental health.If you are looking for the best dentists in Tijuana, The Dental District is the number one option since we have a wide variety of services. We have highly trained specialists and different specialties, as well as a  complete staff ready to serve our clients; whether from Mexico or the United States.


The Dental District is located in one of the strategic places in Tijuana: NewCity Medical Plaza. Just 10 minutes from the border with San Ysidro, with modern facilities equipped with cutting edge technology in order to provide excellent care. Hygiene, bilingual staff, safety and comfort are our priority for each patient.

Our team of professionals

Within the staff of specialists at The Dental District you will find dentists specializing in endodontics, implantology, orthodontics, among others, all of them in order to help our patients improve their dental aesthetics, recover functionality, align their bite, among other situations that may put their dental health at risk.

Benefits of having a dentist in Tijuana

If you are looking for dentists in Tijuana, you will get benefits such as:


Dental care in the United States is very expensive and not all treatments are covered by insurance policies. Traveling to Mexico is an alternative to find dental services at a lower price, but with the same quality, in luxury facilities and with highly trained specialists.


Dentists in Tijuana are very close to the border with the United States, so you can easily cross in your car to use our dental services. In addition, NewCity Medical Plaza is located just minutes from the Tijuana International Airport, so patients traveling from further locations can find a convenient alternative for their trip.


At The Dental District we have the most requested dental treatments: dental rehabilitation, crowns, implants, deep dental cleaning, resins, extractions, teeth whitening, endodontics, bone graft, among others, at a lower cost than in the United States.


Our staff of dental specialists has certifications that guarantee their experience so that you have the confidence you need in order to have a safe experience as a patient during any of our dental treatments.Also, if you are concerned about the language, you should know that all the staff is bilingual so you will not have any communication problems with us.